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We are a young group of researchers, students, and professionals trying to understand better the problems faced by rural communities of India. We are spread across 20 states and are constantly in touch with the local communities to deliberate the possible innovative solutions and data-driven interventions.

COVID - 19 is having a disastrous impact on our rural communities. The myriad problems they are facing include the economic, social, and humanitarian sufferings. Our immediate aim is to assist them in getting their lives on track through data-driven initiatives.



We are involved in research as well as action-driven initiatives. Our research is mainly focused on the impact the COVID 19 has on agriculture across the country. We are also working towards analyzing the economic and nutritional vulnerabilities faced by various communities.

The scarcity of farm inputs,  disruptions in market access, shortage of labor as well as a slump in demand is having adverse impacts on the farm as well as non-farm incomes of rural communities. We have launched an initiative where we are trying to get a state-wise idea of this impact focusing on crops grown in diverse regions within the states. We hope to use the data collected for formulating policies and initiatives that would help the rural communities in mitigating the economic consequences of COVID 19.  

Mapping out the economic and nutritional vulnerabilities

Vulnerable, marginalized, and oppressed sections of rural communities are facing acute economic and nutritional vulnerabilities. We have launched a Countrywide survey of such communities and are trying to cover the socio-cultural nuances the Indian rural society presents. We are specifically looking at the concerns of historically pressed castes, women, children, and old age segments of rural society. We would be using the findings to formulate a section specific interventions.


The Mango Project

Fruits and Vegetable farmers are the worst hit due to the supply chain disruptions. Through The Mango Project, we aim at assisting Mango farmers of Western Uttar Pradesh to reach out to the consumers in Delhi N.C.R. region. We have created a demand aggregation platform that allows farmers to locate the exact demand for their produce in a locality and then we assist them in making timely doorstep deliveries of farm-fresh Mangos.

Our Interventions

Rural Digitization Initiative 

Time has come for rural India to showcase its presence online. Through RDI our focus is to assist Rural businesses, Farmer producer organizations,  Governance institutions and Social organizations in getting online. Our support does not just end with getting help in setting up the website but we go further and help in complete integration with the modern markets and provide technical and managerial expertise too 



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